Located in Southamerica Ecuador, in the region called of Los Lagos , provence of Imbabura, 5 minuts from Otavalo Citi. The ladscape is surrounded by snowed caped volcanoes, culture and tradition without lacking comfort and all the services in an exceptional weather all year long.

UBICACIÓN: 2500 mt sobre nivel del mar
AREA CULTIVABLE: 51 hectáreas de varias hortalizas.
RESERVA FORESTAL: 72 hectáreas

It is one of the few haciendas in the region that works as such, it has incurred in production of corn, tomatoes, white cauliflower, mulberry cauliflower and granadilla.  Since 8 years ago, it maintains its broccoli and artichoke plantations for local production and export.

Located in the Andean region of Ecuador, this area with its variable weather, between the months of july and September that is called summer with windy and sunny days with temperatures of 14 c. to 24 C. during the day, and 4 c. to 12 c. at night. Whereas from October to march which may be called winter, the weather changes to cloudy sky scattered showers with temperatures from 10 c. to 16 c during the day and 8 c. to 12 c. at night.

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