• HOTEL: The visionary tradition of the enterprise Quichinche Cia. Ltda, has planed to convert itself a hotel in short time.

  • RESTAURANT: Taking advantage of the infrastructure of the Hacienda Pastaví a very exclusive restaruant will be open to cater all the members of Prados de Pastaví with national and international menu.

  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES AREA: An extensive area of the Hacienda will be put a side for familiar or corporative activities.

  • CHAPEL: The Hacienda chapel is a private very well decorated place to pray or celebration of different sacraments.
  • THE PASTAVI AIRPLANE: Is one of the most tourist attractions of the area, local and foreign are amazed by the curiosity of the airplane enclave in the Imbabura mountains. 

  • PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: The Hacienda Pastavi Proyect includes phases of expansions like the gated community of  el Prado de Pastaví.

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