IBARRA: The white city is the capital of the province of Imbabura, it is located at 115 km at the northeast of Quito, and 125 km to the south of Tulcán. Ibarra counts with excelents hotels and restaurants, wher you can find tipical food.

COTACACHI: County where you may find different activities like:

  • leather-goods shop: Is one of the main artisan activities of the inhabitants of this county, with incredible creativity manufactures great variety of leather goods.

  • Pottery: In the communities of Tunibamba and Alambuela the women are dedicated to elaborate objects of pottery and ceramics using traditional techniques.

  • Hand Crafts: Based on the cabuya fiber process, the women of the Intag Valley manufacture Hand Crafts, hand bags, rags, curtains, belts etc. with variety of colors knitted with other natural materials.


  • Carnes Coloradas: Typical beef recipe of the county.

  • Chicha de Jora: A sacred beverage of the gods, made of germinated corn, cooked and fermented in a clay jar to gain alcoholic grade.

OTAVALO: OTAVALO: The small town of Otavo is famous for its Saturday market “ Mercado de Ponchos”, which dates back to pre-Inca times. The market is a colourful affair, and the Otavaleños are very distinctive in their traditional dress. There are thre main plazas: Plaza de Ponchos is the mail center for crafts, such as blankets, scarves, ponchos and tapestries.

Otavalo is noe of the best places to buy souvenirs and it is also very interesting to observe the bustling market life or talk to the friendly Otavaleños. Bargaining is essential.

What to visit in Otavalo

  • Laguna de San Pablo
  • Cerro Imbabura
  • Cerro Cusin (3.988 msnm)
  • Lagunas de Mojanda
  • Cerro Fuya Fuya (4.263 msnm)
  • Lagunas de Cuicocha
  • Parque Condor
  • Plaza de Ponchos
  • Feria de Animales

Cultural Attractions

    1. Lechero y Pucará de Rey Loma
    2. Cascada de Peguche
    3. Ecoturismo y Turismo Vivencial/ Ecoturism

Other Attractions

  • Gruta del Socavón
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Local Markets

This small city produces the dresses for the 20% of Ecuador, though stores very well decorated to the visitors, like wise in the  textile fair that takes place every Friday, and distrtribution through out the country through their agents. This small city is considered the “Nationally and Internationally As Respected Center for Fashion”

Laguna San Pablo: Located at 4 km (5 minutes) to the west of the Otavalo city, the lake is surrounded by the Imbabura Volcano. The lake is an ecosystem with  some representative species as garzas, ducks, some amphibious and aquatic plants living in it.

PEGUCHE: Located at the northorental extreme of the city of Otavalo, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls, the Peguche river falls of about 60 feet.

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