The Project of El Prado de Pastaví was designed with the ambition of offering people a unique opportunity to experience the life in a hacienda with a modest investment.

This project will allow you to live with in a community enjoying the benefits of a hacienda, with the freedom and independence of been the owner of your property and to share with your loved ones.

It is the ideal place to spend a weekend, vacation or enjoy your retirement, with dissipation and peace in a deep communion with nature and adventure that the region has to offer; with forests and private reservoirs in an exclusive place in which you can share an exquisite social life in addition to unforgettable moments.

In a region where the value of your equity will multiply due to the rapid development of the region, its privileged location will allow you to enjoy beautiful scenery protected by law between snow caped volcanoes, mountains and valleys, some of the reasons why your investment is guaranteed.

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